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Frequently asked questions

What size do I need?

Why do we bring Community Masks with ViralOff® onto the market?

Currently we see an enormous need and a high demand for substances with an antiviral effect. We are of the opinion that it can be used sensibly in many areas.

The antiviral effect is particularly useful for Community Masks, as viruses are absorbed particularly via the mouth and nose area. The antiviral effectiveness of ViralOff® has been proven in tests.

What are the advantages of ViralOff®?

The fabrics of our masks offer a virus reduction of 99% or more. In these times we don't need to say much more. But to put it better, there are many cases where you simply do not want viruses to thrive. Our face masks prevent this.

The masks also keep them from touching your face directly, which is one of the main ways of infection for the new corona virus.

Does ViralOff® help against all viruses?

The active ingredient has been tested over the years against Influenza A, Avian Influenza, Norovirus and Corona (SARS) and in all cases a reduction of 99% was achieved.

The test according to the ISO18184:2019 standard is only passed if the virus is reduced by more than 99% within two hours. This test uses viruses of the influenza A strain. These viruses are used in the ISO test, but more and other virus strains can be used as they become available.

Is it medically certified?

No, we make no health claims. This is to protect the treated product. Whether, when and how this is also beneficial for the user depends on many factors. For example, a Community Mask will never prevent viruses from passing through it. But VirallOff® ensures that viruses cannot survive for long in and on the Community Mask.

Can we guarantee that you will stay healthy? No.
Can we tell you that it is a protection for the mask itself? Yes!
And it also makes your mask last longer.

Note: For the health care industry, we offer medical protective equipment on request.

How long does the mask last?

The treatment with the active ingredient is permanent, as long as the mask is not washed. Avoid washing the Community Mask for best results. If you wish to wash the Community Mask, it is best to wash it by hand with lukewarm water. The ViralOff® finish not only keeps the mask free of viruses and bacteria, but also reduces the need for washing.

How does it work?

ViralOff® stops viral activity by interaction with key proteins. In tests according to ISO18184:2019, ATCC VR-1679 (H3N2), it was proven that substances treated with ViralOff® eliminate 99 percent of different viruses. After 2 hours hardly any viruses were detectable on the fabric.

Can the Community Mask with ViralOff® be worn on the skin?

Yes, the silver ions used in ViralOff® are approx. 100 times larger than nanosilver, therefore they do not interact with the human skin and do not affect the natural bacterial flora of the skin.

Does ViralOff® have environmental certifications?

ViralOff ® is currently certified by bluesign ® and Ökotex ®.

How is ViralOff® used?

ViralOff® is applied to the fabric in the final production phase. As several treatments are applied at the same time, no additional water or energy is needed and the impact on the environment is reduced.

Where is ViralOff® produced?

The ingredients are produced in the EU with minimal use of resources and in compliance with strict environmental regulations.

What is ViralOff® out of?

The active ingredient is a biocide and consists of a reaction mass of titanium dioxide and silver chloride. It is not nanosilver.

Other questions?

Please contact us if you have any further questions. We are at your disposal!

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