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We at Everbasics have a long experience with innovative hygiene clothing. Originally created after the birth of our founder's first child, we wanted to develop and market lingerie that smells less and needs to be washed less often. This is not only more environmentally friendly, but also more hygienic. Because our textiles effectively prevent, among other things, the smell of sweat.

Our hygienic fabrics contain silver and therefore have an antibacterial effect. They are used in many areas, including medicine.

We have been working together with our partner Polygiene from Sweden for many years. This partner has developed the technological active ingredient ViralOff®, which we are now using.

The Everbasics team develops and designs our products near Munich. An important aspect of each product is suitability for everyday use, wearing comfort and sustainable quality of the materials. Of course this also applies to our Community Masks.

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