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Advantages of ViralOff® Community Masks

The demand for Community Masks has increased significantly since the beginning of the coronavirus epidemic. Also we at Everbasics would like to contribute to this with our community mask.

The community masks equipped with ViralOff® offer numerous advantages:

  • ViralOff® stops viral activity by interaction with key proteins.
  • The fabrics of our masks offer a virus reduction of 99% and more.
  • The masks prevent users from touching their face directly, which is one of the main routes of infection.
  • By wearing the masks, users help contain the spread of viruses.
  • The mask is comfortable to wear and looks good.
  • The mask is not harmful to the skin as it does not attack the natural bacterial flora.
  • Due to the ViralOff® finish, the mask only needs to be washed when heavily soiled.

These are just a few of the many advantages that the Everbasics ViralOff® Community Mask offers

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